VENUS ERP provides tools to create Quotation to customer.

Sales order
This feature simplifies sales order entry by giving the order taker full view of an item’s stock position in multiple warehouses when a shortage      arises. Allow the item to be partially delivered. Orders can be created that support different delivery dates and ship-to addresses for each line item.

The delivery function allows the shipping department to generate the necessary packaging documentation for all goods shipped to a customer.    Warehouse quantities are automatically updated when a delivery is made


A/R invoice
The invoice automatically creates a corresponding journal entry.As a result, users can create an automatic receipt if the customer pays part of  the invoice immediately.

Sales returns
Customer returns can be handled using the sales returns document.

A/R credit memo
Through this function, the solution lets users issue a credit memo to the customer for returned item. The required data can easily be imported  from the original invoice.