Inventory capabilities
The inventory capabilities of VENUS ERP enable users to manage item master information and maintain serial and batch numbers, as well as price lists.

Item master data
This feature allows users to define production (make) items, purchase (buy) items, or non-stock items, including labor, travel or fixed assets.

Default information – such as purchasing supplier, purchasing and selling unit of measure is maintained here. Stocked items can be maintained in multiple warehouses.

Serial numbers
Serial numbers can be automatically generated based on templates. They can also be manually created and assigned only on release of an item from stock or optionally on every transaction.

Stock transfer
This feature allows users to move stock between warehouses.

Stock posting
This function can be used to:
1. Enter opening balances for stock items
2.Update warehouse data in the system

Price list
Users can define any number of price lists and link them with customers or suppliers. In addition, they can create dynamic links between price lists quickly and easily, updating the links automatically whenever the primary price list changes.

Special prices
Users can define special prices for individual customers or suppliers. They can also define quantity-specific prices that link to order volume and define a validity period for each price list.

The validity period is adjusted automatically whenever the data changes. In addition, users can even define discounts based on different terms of payment.