VENUS ERP features a chart of accounts template which can be adapted to your business requirements. A user defined chart of accounts can be created to reflect your business.

Fully integrated financials
 VENUS ERP features fully integrated financial and banking management. When transactions are posted, the software creates a journal entry  in the general ledger. It automates virtually all key transactions. No formal posting or batch processing is required.

Journal entries
 The solution allows users to create new journal entries and search for existing ones. Note that most journal entries are posted automatically  from the sales, purchasing and banking areas. In addition, users can automatically allocate each transaction to a project or a cost center.

Recurring postings
 Users can define their own postings for regular execution in accounting and specify a frequency for each recurring posting. In this case, the  solution automatically reminds them to enter these postings.

Reversing journals
 VENUS ERP allows users to reverse month-end accruals postings automatically. By default, reversal of specified postings will occur on the first  day of the following calendar month, but if necessary, users can specify a different reversing date for each posting.

Exchange rate differences
 The solution lets users periodically evaluate their open items in foreign currencies, then identify differences and choose the appropriate  correction transaction.

Financial report templates
 Users can quickly and easily generate any number of financial report templates. A user can create templates for any purpose, such as additional  profit and loss statements.

 This feature helps users define and manage budgets against accounts. Users can configure budget allocation methods, and display a  summarized budget report that compares actual and planned figures. In addition, users can define an on-line alert that notifies them whenever  a transaction is about to exceed a monthly or annual budget.

Define cost center
 This function allows users to define different cost centers or departments. Users can allocate the corresponding revenue and cost accounts to a  pre-defined cost center in the chart of accounts.

Cost center report
 This profit and loss statement is based on revenues and costs – both direct and indirect – as defined in the allocation rules, and it can be run for  any cost center. Users can choose between annual and monthly display format and compare the results with figures for the previous period.